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Acousmatic Compositions

Soundscape Kitchen
In our modern industrial environments, we are missing the connection to our urban soundscape. Moreover, we try to eliminate sounds by characterizing them as noise and unwanted sounds. This piece is dedicated to the combination of natural and digital sounds, of recognizable and non-recognizable, know and unknown, wanted and unwanted sounds and the transition from the one form to the other. 
Autumn Paces
This composition focuses on sound transformation in time. This three-minute piece expresses the transformation process of sounds, which come from the same source but recorded in different circumstances. One of the main purposes of this composition process is to explore the timbre and the context of each of these sounds and show how one sound can be transformed into the other through time. These two main sound recordings and their transformation represent the travel from the dry to wet signal. Thus, in order to make the dry signal richer of information, many techniques of additive and granular synthesis have been used. This richness of information comes out of the need to make the first dry signal noisier as the character of the final wet sound.
Plato on the Story of Atlantis
The concept of this composition was the representation of the myth of  Atlantis through an imaginary soundscape.  For this reason, some of the sounds of this composition is a reference to the story of  Plato. This version of the composition is a tape version consisted of synthesizer, fixed percussions, and recorded soprano. Despite this, my composition can be performed with live electronics or tape (for the synthesized sounds), percussions improvisation and soprano with real-time effects. 
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