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Multi-media Compositions

Οικολογία (ecologia)

“Ecologia” is a piece dedicated, as the title describes, to ecology, it reflects on humans improvident plastic waste and it creates an imaginary soundscape by sonifing the image of all land fields of earth bulging with plastics.

Using audio inputs as the main source of activating and processing prerecorded sounds, this composition aims to underline the responsibility of humans to the ecological crisis. At first, it creates a figurate source boned relation of humans and repercussions of his actions like the one we instantly perceive by listening to the prerecorded plastic sounds and voice.

Experiencing the piece, we perceive the vicious circle of plastic use. The performer as a human uses the plastic as an instrument to activate and sound processing. Specifically the sound of its own voice giving the message that his actions will go back to him eventually.  


“Reflections” is a live performance, which aims to augment the experience of attending a live instrument performance through audio-visual experimentation. Sound and visuals will represent and amplify the performer’s expression while playing the violin.

Sonic Textures will be born through the live processing of Violin sound but also by the interaction of violin performer with a “compute vision-based electronic sound instrument”. Visuals following a minimal aesthetics will mirror performers movement amplifying the audience’s visual perception of the performance but also outline an audio-visual relation. In addition, the constant interaction between the violinist, the laptop performer, and the computer vision feature the strong relation of human-machine and how this affects everyday life.


Zero is a number and shape. It represents the elements that take an important place in every science apart from mathematics. Both sound and video are focused on textures that represent this character of this number. For this reason, sound design is based on granular synthesis, noise, and noise-based sounds, as well as the clips and distortion. Some people may receive it as a piece dedicated to the power of the united small grains. Others will perceive zero as the point of the beginning. There are millions of explanations behind this subject. Each one can make his/her own unique perception and live this composition as his/her own experience.

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