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Sonically Touchable 

Blocks’ Sound is an interactive installation, which calls participants to compose their own music by positioning little blocks on a specified white area. This installation transforms the traditional musical notation into a playful tactile experience where Blocks are the notes that participants can simply move across the board and alter the synthesis of the score. The perceptual experience begins from the moment participants hold a block in their hand. That action generates questions about the sonic feedback of each individual block as well as of the assemblage of the blocks that are on the table each time. As this ongoing interactive composition evolves, during the time of this exhibition, every change to a brick’s position will contribute to the alteration of the sonic feedback giving participants a unique agency over this process. 

This piece has been presented in Goldsmiths University Pop-up Show 2019, Hack and Scratch 2020, and Peckam Digital 2021

Technical details of the making of Blocks Sound 

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