Sonically Touchable

Sonically Touchable is

  interactive documentation of a new musical instrument.

Blocks sound

Blocks sound is an interactive installation the let you create your own music composition by structuring little Blocks the way you like. 2019

Connected Emotions

A project that explores computational communication of and interpretation of emotion. 2018

Detuned Piano (w.i.p.)

Detuned piano is an interactive installation consisted of a light sculpture and controller 


Overcurrents is a collective of installations dedicated to ocean pollution. It has been part of the Horniman X Goldsmiths event. 2019 

Nature and Human made Elements

Editing exercise for Filmmaking class at City University of London, 2016

Draw and Listen 

Draw and Listen is an interactive installation that lets you draw and listen to your drawing.

Lost in Space

Lost in Space is a projection mapping piece dedicated to stars and space as a memory of my childhood perception of them. 2018

Sound of London

A documentary made for the needs of Filmmaking module at City University of London, 2016