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Draw and Listen is an interactive audio-visual installation. The participant stands in front of a white canvas and has three colors to draw with. Although the brushes will be physical the drawing will be virtual and it will take only his/her waving in the air to be translated into digital drawing in the projection. In addition, the drawing will be related to sound and the location of his/her brush will be reflected in the texture of it. In the end, the participant will enjoy the results of its ambient music composition made by his/her drawing.



Looking more closely at the texture of the sound this installation aims to address the impact of people interference in nature. The simple actions of individuals can have disturbing effects on our nature. The drawing, something that we learn from a very young age reflects these simple actions and the sound processing from pure to mechanistic/granulated reflects the voice of our nature.



From a technical perspective, this installation is based on computer vision and color tracking technique, in particular, the x, y locations that match the selected color get passed in a class that draws shapes on the location of these coordinates. The sounds are processed with granular synthesis and the x location affects the speed that the grains are being played. Finally, an FFT analysis of the sound is used to give a playful character to the digital brushes.

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