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Music for Theatre


Where we meet

Performed in 

Dansathon Winner, Liege, Belgium (early concept)

Goldsmiths University, London, UK (residency)

Maison de La Danse, Lyon, France (2-character version)

Music Composition 

Produced by Unwired Dance studio 

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-24 at

Interactive Performance

Performed at: 

-19 Acts of Covid 19 Bravery

-Can Everyone See my Screen (Goldsmiths University)

-Dance Against Racism Day
Music Composition 
Director: Clemence Debaig

Performed by Clemence Debaig


Peri Fyseos, Michalis Varvidakis

Played at Theatro Technis Carolos Coun, Athens, Winter 2014
Music Production: Soundscapes and vocal recordings and mix
Director: Efh Theodorou



Performed at

OOTFest22, The Rich Mix (2022)

XRlive (2022)

Goldsmiths Mocap Streamer Research Showcase (2023

A-Side B-Side pop-up, Goldsmiths University, (2023)

FIVARS 2023 (2023)

Music Composition 
Produced by Unwired Dance Theatre


Results May Vary
Interactive Performance

Performed at Chimera Garden, Goldsmiths University
September 2020
Music Composition
Director: Clemence Debaig

Performed by Lisa Ronkowski

ταβλι copy.jpg

Tavli - Dimitris Kechaidis

Played at Theatre Anavasis, Athens, GR 
October 2015
by the theatrical group of Lawyers 
Directed by Eva Kotanidis
Sound Design by Christina Karpodini


Remote Intimacy

Performed at OpenOnlineTheatre Festival 

London, February 2021
Music Composition 
Director: Clemence Debaig

Dancers: Chloe Bellou, Kristia Morabito


Loula Anagnostakis Mixage

Played at Aggelon Vima, Athens, Winter 2014
Public Theatre of Piraeus, Piraeus, Summer 2014
Music Production: soundscapes and remakes of old songs
Director: Manos Karatzogiannis

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