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Music for Theatre


Remote Intimacy

Performed at OpenOnlineTheatre Festival 

London, February 2021
Music Composition 
Director: Clemence Debaig

Dancers: Chloe Bellou, Kristia Morabito


Loula Anagnostakis Mixage

Played at Aggelon Vima, Athens, Winter 2014
Public Theatre of Piraeus, Piraeus, Summer 2014
Music Production: soundscapes and remakes of old songs
Director: Manos Karatzogiannis

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-24 at


Interactive Performance

Performed at: 

-19 Acts of Covid 19 Bravery

-Can Everyone See my Screen (Goldsmiths University)

-Dance Against Racism Day
Music Composition 
Director: Clemence Debaig

Performed by Clemence Debaig


Peri Fyseos, Michalis Varvidakis

Played at Theatro Technis Carolos Coun, Athens, Winter 2014
Music Production: Soundscapes and vocal recordings and mix
Director: Efh Theodorou


Results May Vary

Interactive Performance

Performed at Chimera Garden, Goldsmiths University
September 2020
Music Composition
Director: Clemence Debaig

Performed by Lisa Ronkowski

ταβλι copy.jpg

Tavli - Dimitris Kechaidis

Played at Theatre Anavasis, Athens, GR 
October 2015
by the theatrical group of Lawyers 
Directed by Eva Kotanidis
Sound Design by Christina Karpodini

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