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Music Education Christina Karpodini

About Lessons 


Classical and Contemporary Piano, Contemporary Vocals, Music Theory, Music Technology, Composition


- One to one tuition. 

- Group tuition (Music Theory, Orff, Nursery induction to music)  

- Private Lessons at your house 

- Private Lessons through Internet-Skype

- Lessons at my place 

- Preparation for piano, singing, music theory ABRSM exams 

- Leisure time playing 

- Music Softwares: Sibelius, Logic Pro


Teaching Ethics

My goal as a teacher is to keep the lesson interesting, fun and effective and in the same way to keep the students excited, motivated and concentrated.

The most important thing is to give the full image of the subject students are studying because I strongly believe that knowledge should not be a mechanical process.

For this reason, I always keep myself updated with new pedagogical methods and I am always trying to improve my techniques and my knowledge.

Since the very first time I started teaching I felt the relationship I had with my students and how they engaged with the subject because of the way I was teaching that and this is where I am founding my enthusiasm about teaching.


My academic background can provide rich knowledge to my students, and I hope that through my teaching methods I will bring more people into higher education and more educated people means the evolution of our world.

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