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Lost in Space


This is a projection mapped installation based on the idea of an animated digital space. It expresses a childlike interpretation of the stars as twinkling little circles, and asteroids, look like they are from an arcade game. This animation is projected in a composition of pyramids in order to give depth in the image but also to express the close relationship of pyramids with the stars which are aligned. The animation and the projection mapping is entirely designed with programming in openFrameworks without any post-production interference.


Background research

For further inspiration and ideas, I researched how other artists have represented stars or space with creative coding. My first two animations of stars are ideas that I already had but I didn’t know exactly how to program them. In this exploration of mine, I used the help of Daniel Shiffman's tutorial on his YouTube channel but also his book "Learning Processing: A Beginner's Guide to Programming Images, Animation, and Interaction". My third animation was an idea inspired by Daniel Shiffman “coding challenge 46.1: Asteroids with p5.js”.


The process of mapping had an unexpected duration. I didn’t believe how fragile can be this process and how many adjustments may be needed for a small movement of the projector. During the preparation of the pop-up exhibition, I needed to map my project twice.  The problem occurred because I have chosen to use many scenes as I wanted the pyramids to be projected the one after the other and the use of duplicated scenes made the mapping a bit more complicated.  


Future development

As my idea is based on stars’ representation I would like to project my animation in a larger scale shape, which will be placed in a top corner of a room and it will cover part of the two walls and the ceiling.

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