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Sonically Touchable 

Sonically Touchable is an interactive documentation of a new musical instrument. The main element of this piece is a projection of a remote performer exploring different ways of touch like they have been imposed by someone.  The piece is developed around the idea of the new music instrument, a sonic jacket that gives touch a sonic character, however, the sound character and the way of performance can change by the choice of the audience. 


Very often we do not appreciate something we have until it’s gone. This can be said about touch and contact with other people. But as technology is developing, new ways are invented to replace this loss. What if sound could be a way to substitute the feeling of someone else’s touching? On the other hand, are all ways of touch desirable and acceptable? What about the times when this sense is violating our personal space and our boundaries? The piece aims to explore the intersection between the ways of touch but also the affectiveness of the digital touch as well as the affectiveness of sonic feedback. 



Astrophil and Stella, Sonnet 9

by Philip Sidney 


The windows now, through which this heavenly guest

Looks o’er the world, and can find nothing such

Which dare claim from those lights the name of ‘best,’

Of touch, they are, that without touch doth touch,

Which Cupid’s self, from Beauty’s mind did draw:

Of touch they are, and poor I am their straw.

Interact Online

Sonically Touchable Vol2: "Nothing at all"

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